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Assays / Binding Antibody Multiplex Assay


Assay information

Name:BAMA (Binding Antibody Multiplex Assay)
Methodology:Luminex Mutiplex Assay
Target area:Adaptive: B-cell and Humoral


The Binding Antibody Multiplex assay (BAMA) is a Luminex-based assay to detect the binding between antibodies in a patient sample and a panel of antigens. Fluorescent beads are coupled with a variety of investigator-chosen antigens and mixed to create a multiplex mixture of beads encompassing many antigens of interest. The bead mixture is incubated with the diluted sample of interest, which can be blood-derived or mucosal in origin. Once the beads have been rinsed to remove excess sample, they are passed through lasers on the Luminex instrument until at least 100 of each beadset have been read, yielding fluorescence readings that uniquely identify each beadset and antigen of interest as well as an aggregated Median Fluorescence Intensity (MFI) measurement for a given sample-antigen pair.

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