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Assays / Monoclonal Antibody Pharmacokinetics


Assay information

Name:PK MAb (Monoclonal Antibody Pharmacokinetics)
Methodology:Luminex Mutiplex Assay, ELISA, or Fluorimeter
Target area:Adaptive: B-cell and Humoral


The Monoclonal Antibody Pharmacokinetics (PK MAb) dataset captures the concentration of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) measured in a subject over time. The mAb concentration can be measured using the following assays: Anti-idiotype (ID) ELISA, Binding Antibody Multiplex Assay (BAMA), or Neutralizing Antibody (NAb). The source assay used is indicated in the dataset.

With the publicly available data in the CAVD DataSpace we can Learn about studies, products, assays, antibodies, and publications, Find subjects with common characteristics, Plot assay results across studies and years of research, and Compare monoclonal antibodies and their neutralization curves. Data are also accessible via DataSpaceR, our R API.