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Studies / CAVD 247


Study information

Grant Affiliation:Letvin: rAdenoviral & rMycobacterial Vector Immunogens
Strategy:Vector vaccines (viral or bacterial)
Study Type:Pre-Clinical NHP
Species:Rhesus macaque
Stage:Assays Completed
Study Start Date:2010-06-06
Study Made Public:2013-07-25


rBCG Vaccines


CAVD 247 is a non-human primate study comparing 2nd generation live recombinant Bacillus Calmette Guérin (rBCG) with wildtype BCG in BCG/NYVAC prime/boost regimens. The animals immunized with the rBCG mutants showed enhanced immunogenicity in comparison to animals immunized with the parental rBCG Danish control.


BCG Dan WT BCG Dan10 BCG Dan10 AF25 BCG J13R10 BCG J13R7 rNYVAC-SIV-Gag-Pol vp1042 (Mac142) rDNA SIV-Gag-Pol-Nef

Integrated data

No integrated data is available for this study.

Non-integrated data

No non-integrated data is available for this study.