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Studies / CAVD 273


Study information

Grant Affiliation:Weiss: Protection by Neutralizing Antibodies
Strategy:Protein & peptide vaccines
Study Type:Pre-Clinical Non-NHP
Species:Guinea Pig
Stage:Assays Completed
Study Start Date:2011-11-03
Study Made Public:2012-08-09


Prime boost immunization study with Subtype A/G recombinant Env gp140 and V3 peptide


CAVD 273 is a guinea pig study assessing immune focusing response with gp140-CA018 and V3 were immunized in guinea pigs alone or in prime boost combination with different adjuvants.


MF59 Carbopol 971 Env gp140 CA018 V3 mimetic

Integrated data

No integrated data is available for this study.

Non-integrated data

No non-integrated data is available for this study.