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Studies / CAVD 274


Study information

Grant Affiliation:Weiss: Protection by Neutralizing Antibodies
Strategy:Protein & peptide vaccines
Study Type:Pre-Clinical Non-NHP
Species:Guinea Pig
Stage:Assays Completed
Study Start Date:2011-11-03
Study Made Public:2012-09-12


Immunization with liposomal gp41-MPER antigens elicits neutralizing antibodies to HIV-1


CAVD 274 is a guinea pig study that employs two different gp41 proteoliposome formulations that contain fusion intermediate conformations of gp41 fragments inserted or attached to liposomes.


Env gp140 CA018 V3 mimetic gp41 liposome A gp41 liposome B Liposome A Liposome B

Integrated data

No integrated data is available for this study.

Non-integrated data

No non-integrated data is available for this study.