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Studies / CAVD 312


Study information

Grant Affiliation:Weiss: Protection by Neutralizing Antibodies
Strategy:Protein & peptide vaccines
Study Type:Pre-Clinical Non-NHP
Stage:Assays Completed
Study Start Date:2009-09-11
Study Made Public:2011-08-08


Further investigation of the mixing of HIV env antigens, and the effect of Toll-like receptor (TLR) stimulating adjuvants.


CAVD 312 is a preclinical rabbit study assessing combined HIV strains for immunizing potential in different adjuvants, in comparison with each strain alone. Modest neutralization was found with Freunds adjuvant in comparison to TLR agonists.


Carbopol 974P TLR4/7 TLR4 CFA IFA TLR gp140 UG37 gp140 BX08 CN54rgp140 protein gp140 BR29

Integrated data

No integrated data is available for this study.

Non-integrated data

No non-integrated data is available for this study.