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Studies / CAVD 412


Study information

Grant Affiliation:Koup: T Cell VIMC
Strategy:Combo: DNA, protein & vector vaccines
Study Type:Pre-Clinical NHP
Species:Rhesus macaque
Stage:Assays Completed
Study Start Date:2013-02-26
Study Made Public:2014-08-05


HIV-1 Env-specific CD4+ T Cell Responses in Rhesus Monkeys Induced by Priming Immunization with Different Vectors; Followed by HIV-1 Envelope Protein Boost


CAVD 412 (Study 31) is a non-human primate study to evaluate different protein prime/boost regimens to induce HIV-1 env-specific CD4+ T-cell responses using recombinant vaccine vectors that express HIV-1 Env (1086C).


MF59 1086 Env protein rVSV-1086C Env Plasmid DNA-1086C Env rMVA-1086C Env

Integrated data

No integrated data is available for this study.

Non-integrated data

No non-integrated data is available for this study.