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CAVD DataSpace

A data sharing and discovery tool for HIV vaccine research

Learn, discover and collaborate on data

from dozens of HIV vaccine studies.

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Always Growing

Our team regularly adds new data as it becomes available.


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Our goal

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise called for a "dramatic shift in the
culture and practice of sharing research data," and UNAIDS demanded,
"faster, smarter, better" programs. Solutions will come from collective
efforts and strong community interaction.

We believe data that have been published are not exhausted. With easy
access and simple tools, more scientists can answer more questions and
find new hypotheses. The DataSpace is a test of these ideas and we will
measure its value.


Learn details about dozens of studies, vaccines, and assays to avoid covering trodden ground and give context to new proposals.


Find relationships among subjects from many studies, filter to characteristics of interest, and quickly visualize or export to test ideas.


Find a contact for every product, assay, and study for clarification or to explore a new idea together.


The DataSpace is a collaboration between SCHARP, LabKey, and Artefact.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has funded the program to date.
The DataSpace is open to the public.